Program Benefits

Connecting Citizens
  • Free internet connectivity across all Europe
  • Everyone and anyone can stay connected from any device
  • Create happy citizens, increase satisfaction
Gaining insight
  • Understand where, when and for how long are citizens using public Wi-Fi
  • Minimize queues and waiting times
  • Create new services
Protecting your Community
  • Monitor and control illegal use of internet
  • Detect security threats
Engaging with your Community
  • Provide free access to city resources, such as libraries and museums
  • Promote governments’ and other organizations digital services, such as e-government
  • Offer information to tourists
  • Create new opportunities with innovative applications or new services

Who can apply for the WiFi4EU program?

The EU program, WiFi4EU is open to the public sector bodies from the EU Member States and participating EEA countries, Norway and Iceland. During the entire duration of the initiative, only one voucher will be given per municipality. Those who can apply are public sector bodies, including local authorities, public libraries and hospitals:

icon presenting wifi connectivity

who want to upgrade their Wi-Fi connectivity or offer a brand new one in areas where there are no services of this nature;

icon presenting funding

who need funding to buy equipment, and who will guarantee to offer free connection to their own citizens for several years;

Best applies to..

Common Areas
Municipal Organizations
Police Stations
Public Parking
Educational Institutions

Intracom Telecom's Contribution to the Initiative

Virtualized Wi-Fi Services platform

Intracom Telecom offers a Virtualized Wi-Fi Services platform that manages centrally different networks independently of the Wi-Fi access point vendors.

Intracom Telecom's solution unifies heterogeneous Wi-Fi Access Points, providing a centralized network management and unified services delivery engine. Moreover, Intracom Telecom has implemented an extensive Out-of-the-Box network services library (incl. DHCP, VoIP, Firewall, Web-Portal, Gateway, AAA Radius, NAT, DNS, Ad-Insertion, etc.) allowing Service Providers to readily offer new services in minimal time-to-market, while new 3rd party network service functions can effortlessly be integrated when needed. Finally, Quality of Service (QoS) can be applied based on different SSIDs (Class of Service CoS), or based to applications.

Intracom Telecom's Wi-Fi Service Innovation Platform is ideal for municipalities and other similar cases as it is able to configure thousands of multi-vendor Wi-Fi Access Points from a single central point, powering a vast number of services. By using a point-and-click Graphical User Interface (GUI), the administrator can create different SSIDs providing separated and isolated set of services in each network. Finally, the municipality will also be able to provide and some innovative services at minimum time-to market with minimum capital and operational expenditures (CapEx and OpEx).

Backhauling Wi-Fi

As far as the wireless backhauling of the network is concerned the company offers innovative microwave systems for best quality of experience, including:


WiBAS™-Connect, the most compact and lightweight microwave all-outdoor Terminal Station in the market, is designed to offer maximum convenience. The auto-polarization feature implements automated scanning of all polarizations / channel combinations, leading to fast and reliable installations. The polarization of the radio can be switched remotely (by the management software), eliminating the need for on-site interventions. With high capacity, advanced networking features, low power consumption and leading Point-to-MultiPoint radio technology, WiBAS™-Connect offers extremely-reliable operation. It enables state-of-the art IP connectivity in zero-footprint installations and at service locations requiring cost-effective and rapidly-deployed broadband access networks. Improved modem technology enables the highest channel bandwidth utilization and densest PtMP networks – up to 90 WiBAS™-Connect terminals – in the market.


StreetNode™ is engineered to enable wireless backhaul network topologies in challenging locations and deliver best-in-class connectivity at street level. It offers higher practical usability over any other solution in the market, accelerating and facilitating public access deployment, as well as minimizing the operator’s investment and operational complexity. Its unique feature to operate as Point-to-MultiPoint terminal / hub or Point-to-Point unit, and the innovative auto-alignment mechanism of its built-in antenna, make StreetNode™ a comprehensive yet outstanding solution for wireless backhaul of broadband access traffic. Operation can be in a variety of licensed and license-free frequencies, whilst its elegant design, compact size and availability in a variety of finishes (colors) allow this radio to blend unobtrusively in the urban landscape. It can be installed on wall surfaces or lamp posts, thus reducing the associated site costs significantly. StreetNode™ offers “zero-touch” service provisioning with advanced SON features, enabling “plug-n-play” connection to the network in a few minutes.